Maha Karuna

I love you Ana! My son talked to me today so differently {after a Maha Karuna distant session}. I don’t have words how nice he was to me, I’m all in tears. The love he shared with me after ages is so precious and all the credit goes to you. You are a real Angel, love you dear. {Seema}

OMG! What an experience to go through. The next day I was feeling so good and balanced and NEW. This gig is fantastic. I want to order again and again. People, if you are looking for some Super energy to work on your behalf, you need to order this Karuna. Because it SHURA works! I feel so vibrant, so more alive! {Michael}

What I feel after your work {Maha Karuna session} is much more powerful and most of all joyful!!! I went for swimming and it was like when I was a kid, playful, open and clean inside!!! That’s what you gave me Ana, a crystal clear love for life! And that was a gift! Thank you from my heart!!! {Kostas}


The healing I received from Ana was the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced. I have struggled with fibromyalgia for several years now. As such, I have symptoms that make sleep difficult and daily living even more so. After my healing, the next few days were very different. I slept deeply and woke refreshed. I felt more grounded and my days were easier. My anxiety faded and I approached life with a capable calm. I am so grateful. Ana has a gentle approach and is a peaceful and softly glowing light. I highly recommend this beautiful gift for yourself. {Ash-Lee}

Ana is a wonderful healer – I have greatly benefited from sessions with her. I plan on having more with her and highly recommend her to others!!! Thank you Ana!!! {Patricia}

Karma Purification

Quite an amazing experience {the Karma Purification}. I felt first my body checked energetically and then focus on the points that needed more work, it was really impressive. I couldn’t think or make a move for more than 40 minutes. This cleaning is definitely to give it a try! {Céline}

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