Lighting The Soul Manifesto

I believe..

we’re all here for a reason.

all relationships are soulful blessings.

every new day is a miracle.


I love..

I can contribute to lighten your day.

I know your heart can smile back.

I’m able to tender your wounds.


I envision..

a world sustained by generosity and service.

a world where we have the right to be ourselves.

a world where we awake from our illusions.


I praise..

our diversity enrich us, always.

Life should be full of joy and magic, every day.

you and I are meant to connect soulfully.


I’m committed..

to make a difference.

to help you feel inner peace.

to give you a bright new vision.


I promise..

to give my all.

to serve with integrity.

to always be authentic.

connect with me now

I want Lighting The Soul to be the best part of your day.

download my Manifesto here:

Manifesto+LightingTheSoul+AnaEugenio+thumbnailFebruary 2018

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