Healing Sessions

in the comfort of your home or your favourite relaxing place.

whenever you need extra Love, peace of mind or simply wish for the tenderness of a Holistic session.. to receive it, do a simple ritual of lighting a candle or burning your favourite incense.. you can play relaxing music and lay down.. the healing is sent during one hour but its effect don’t have a predictable length of time.. the Energy work through me without limitations of time or space.


Maha Karuna

do you want a boost of confidence, inner peace and physical well-being? then Karuna is what you need. Maha Karuna heals so deep it goes to the root of the problem. if you want to heal your past choose Karuna.

this healing is for everyone. Maha Karuna allows the practitioner to direct the healing towards what a person needs and will adjust itself to create an effect that is appropriate. Karuna masters have the ability to send this energy to anyone, any where at any time.

when I was a child and people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I only knew it was something that wouldn’t be consider a profession by many. when I did my first Level of Reiki I felt I had found my people. I knew, since the beginning, I would be a healer and so, since 2004, I dedicate myself full time to this path. Maha Karuna is one step further on Reiki possibilities.


I don’t need to know anything about you. your purchase has your blueprint and will connect us energetically. your babies (child or pet) healing is free, when you buy for yourself. all you need to do is light a second candle and whisper their name.

is recommended a minimum of 3 sessions, but you can purchase only 1 to see how you feel receiving healing through me. any questions please ask.. connect with me, here! thank you!


Karma Purification

I can cleanse your negative karma, that you may have buried so deep that is preventing you from channeling your magic and connecting to your Life’s purpose. I only cleanse what no longer serves us and we often don’t let go out of habit or reluctance to change.

you simply need to say YES! to this question: are you ready to release all your negative karma? any questions please ask.. connect with me, here! thank you!


when I received my first karma purification I had a whole month of pure bliss and inner peace. I knew I had to learn this healing technique and when I did I began to practice on myself and I was blessed with spiritual breakthroughs and the ability to see the Energy I was channeling with my naked eyes. this is one of the most powerful and effective healing techniques I recommend.

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