what would I do with my time?


a challenge inspired by Alexandra Franzen new book – So This Is the End: A Love Story

if I had just 24 hours to live? I would call my sisters and ask them to meet me in Lisbon, the city of my soul. my baby sister lives in the United Kingdom and our middle sister lives in the United Arab Emirates. I would write my final short stories and schedule the dates the newsletters would be sent. I would laugh plenty. I would eat ice-cream downtown on the best coffee shop ever created.

I would get on the morning train towards our capital (where I was born), and I would go to my favorite park and sit near the playground listening to the children’s laughter. I would lunch pizza with my bff, and dinner vegetarian with my sisters. there’s a place in Lisbon where we can eat pizza under a hanging garden, and a vegetarian restaurant in the middle of a small park with a wee waterfall.

I would call a special friend and meet him to hug him one more time. I would stand downtown giving free hugs for a while. I would write to my father. I would get on a bus in the middle of the night and do a 3 hours journey to be with my mother. I wouldn’t say goodbye to a single soul, I would say: I love you! out loud. I believe we will all meet again, here or some place else. I would go to sleep with my cat.

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