The Different Phases of the Light and the Soul

hello lovely Souls,

did you know the Full Moon energy is shifting today? each phase peak happens on the first 3 days. tomorrow is time to start releasing the negative, while the moon renews herself. nature teach us the qualities of the light (being the shadow part of it), as the moon changes constantly.

releasing the negative means doing the shadow work. is listening to our anger, taking care of our sadness, honouring our grief. we have to experience everything inside of us, like everything we see in nature. storms are also qualities of the light. listen for the soul’s whispers..

I can help you through your shadow work. I can retrieve the parts of your soul where anger, sadness or grief were so intolerable, that you left them there untouched. were your voice was left unspoken, were your sense of honour was not fulfilled, were you felt unwanted, betrayed, incomplete.


throughout our lives we leave pieces of the soul because the trauma is so deep that, if part of our soul didn’t leave us, the pain would be unbearable. this shamanic therapy is oriented to reintegrate the lost parts of our soul.

without the soul retrieval we can suffer from post-traumatic syndrome, lack of memory, immune problems, addictions, chronic depression, suicidal tendencies or a sense of stagnation or dragging through life.

we can lose parts of the soul during a fright, trauma, serious illness or death of loved ones; physical, emotional, mental (as threats), or spiritual abuses (such as oppression); assaults, divorces or even surgical interventions.

the difference between a earth medicine practitioner and a shaman is that these descends from a lineage, while the former learns by direct revelation. out of respect for the living lineages, I call myself a earth medicine practitioner.

to reintegrate the lost parts of your soul, connect with me, so I may answer your questions and we can narrow down the best approach for you. each session investment is only 25€.


remember that a healthy self means heal thy self.

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