Happy Beltane & Blessed May Day

hello lovely Souls, I hope you’re having a good start of the week..

happy May day! today you can celebrate the Celtic festival of Beltane with the suggestions and recipes gathered on my Pinterest board, like some homemade brownies with edible rose petals.. sounds so yummy. Beltane is held halfway between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. doors, windows and cattle are still decorated with yellow May flowers, for protection.

as predicted this love letter has revolutionary news. last month I permanently deleted my Facebook, Twitter and very neglected Flickr and LinkedIn accounts. you can find me here, on Pinterest and Instagram (where I did a major clean and deleted more than a thousand ghosts). I’m walking the talk, quality is more important than anything else.

what fills your heart? are you filled with gratitude? or are there wounds that need tending to? I would love to hold space for you and uplift you. I’m doing individual one hour distant healing sessions for only 25€, worldwide. know what you want and ask for what you need.

I’ve a huge surprise for my Portuguese subscribers: têm agora disponível uma newsletter em Português com novidades e promoções, que podem subscrever no novo blogue ou em anaeugenio.com. tudo em Português. I’ve been unstoppable! também em Português, podem subscrever as minhas cartas virtuais, com um novo conto exclusivo todos os meses.

I also have a huge surprise for all of you. I’ve three FREE courses for you. I’m sharing their original manuals in pdf, here: Ray of Hope Empowerment (PDF); You Are Love™ Activation (PDF) and Elenari Healing System (PDF). connect with me if you need help with the attunements. enjoy the flow of the blessed energy these offerings provide.

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