How I Set Boundaries on Social Media

hello loves,

did you know I had eleven Facebook accounts? long story short, I played FarmVille on all of them daily for a few years. did you know we can delete our accounts permanently? I didn’t and it was a true relief to find out, because I really wanted to leave Facebook. so I did it. deleted – everything – for good. almost a decade of my Life! gone.

the recent news about leaks and misuse of Facebook data made me aware I was neglecting my privacy and I personally believe it was imperative to set a boundary. despite losing visibility on social media, I now have more time to express my creativity on new areas and to invest more time on my personal growth. leaving Facebook was my way to strengthen a boundary.

I’m also deleting my Twitter accounts. takes 30 days to become effective! nevertheless, you can find me here, on Instagram and on Pinterest.

feel truly like learning to walk again. my morning routine for the last nine years was to get breakfast and pop into FarmVille to collect the daily prizes and to complete the weekly quests. I’m proud of my decision, but now I’ve to reinvent my days.

today I’m inviting you to ponder the following exercise (suggested by my mentor Cerries Mooney, on her The Conscious Collective class):

spend a few minutes thinking about the areas of your life where you feel some kind of negative energy. this can be resentment, frustration, overwhelm, anxiety, or even anger. where do you think the boundary was that you crossed to feel this way? what was the cause of this negative feeling?


I’m very curious to witness my choices and to see where my creativity will lead me. next love letter will be full of new adventures. right now it’s the beginning of a new era.

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