Equinoxes & the Vocabulary of the Soul

hello happy Souls,

in 5 days we celebrate the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the Autumn Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. also known as Ostara and Mabon from the Celtic Medicine Wheel.

I did a Pinterest board for each, you can find them here and here with plenty of celebration suggestions.

I also wish you a magical New Moon tomorrow. I’m releasing my shadow side, to create space for awareness and growth. Life has been guiding me to a huge Spring cleaning about why we don’t heal.

healing is one of the most threatening experiences in Life, says Caroline Myss. we find threatening to become whole. we still don’t have an archetype of what it is a fully healthy person, still being vulnerable. so we have to continue wounded in order to have a functional emotional Life.

my Spring cleaning began when I looked at my wounds and asked myself: do I use my wounds to wound others? do I do that! the honest answer is: we all do.

every act of forgiveness is a universal act.
every act of wound is a universal wound.

I’m going to guide you to the door of your Soul..

think of something you need to forgive, that is very harsh, that is very difficult. image that person in front of you saying:

I want to talk to you, I have something I have to say. when I said I never meant to hurt you that’s a lie. I knew what I did hurt you and it didn’t stop me, I did it anyway, because I wanted what I wanted. I knew it would change your Life and it didn’t stop me, and it’s a sin. I did a conscious act that I knew would traumatize your Life and it did not stop me. I knew your Life would pay the consequences for what I wanted and it didn’t stop me. I knew the wound would be deep in your Life but it didn’t stop me. I did a conscious act that served me and destroyed you. it was a sin! I’ve sinned against you and I own it and I’m asking for forgiveness.

this is the vocabulary of the Soul, and that begins healing.

to whom do you have to say these words?

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