7 Things You Can Learn From the Spring Equinox

hello sunny Souls,

the days grows longer, the dark hours of night that held sway all Winter are now fading into balance with the light. as the days progress closer to the Spring Equinox the time of light and dark returns to balance once more.

the Spring Equinox is the perfect time of year to focus on bringing balance back into our Life. how? look to the changing season for guidance, there’s much the Spring Equinox can teach us about the return to balance.

darkness is necessary

darkness isn’t an inherently bad thing. it can seem that way, but darkness is really a time of rest, so needed to recover from pressure and take recharge for what is to come. embrace the darkness as a time of rest and recovery.

equilibrium doesn’t last forever

as the light hours always return to balance the dark, the cycle continues. imbalance returns only to be met with balance once more at the Fall Equinox. Life isn’t static. some times it will call us to put more time and effort into one area of our life over others. this is necessary, and natural. let the imbalance happen, knowing you have the power to return to a more balanced state once the immediate needs are met.

change is inevitable

all effort spent trying to maintain the status quo can be better spent building changes for the future. Life will never remain static for long, new challenges, opportunities, trials and successes will occur. we cannot prevent them from happening, but we can change how we approach them. embrace the change that will bring you to new places of happiness and balance.

growth comes from rest

seeds need time in darkness to germinate and grow. personal growth also benefits from times of rest. take for example the goal of increasing our fitness level. if we start with an ambitious gym schedule of working out every day, we will soon find ourselves tired, sore and unable to progress in our workouts. our body needs time to recover. take that same workout regime and add a rest day, you will find yourself able to perform better and meet more success. you’ve given yourself the rest you need to make growth happen.

warmth can change the world

naked trees, and brown grass cover the Winter ground. yet as the sun’s warmth returns, as the ground warms new green life returns to the world, transforming it. to change the world we need warmth. in human terms this may be empathy, compassion or tolerance. in hard times it’s tempting to be cold. to withdraw into oneself, but withdrawing will not bring change. wouldn’t it be better if you added your voice to make change stronger?

shed the old to make room for the new

in the Spring creatures of nature shed their Winter coats to make room for their Summer coats. the old leaves of last Fall return to the earth to nurture the new growth. to move forward, the old must be shed. the old has it’s place, and will always be part of our memories. do not hold on to it so long that it drags you down. new changes and opportunities may call upon you to leave behind that which no longer serves you. take that challenge, your past has led you to where you are now, you need not hold on to it any longer.

enjoy the present

while the equilibrium will not last, that doesn’t mean it should be overlooked! enjoy the moments where you find balance! times of balance may not last forever, but we can always look back on them. they will always be a part of us, a moment in time we can return to when we’re lost. know that equilibrium is still there, within you, and you will find it again in the future.

nature is balance, and balance is a cycle. Life will never be in balance all the time. balance is not simply a moment, but an action that calls us to face uncertainties, to go through hard times, through happy times, and return always to the place that allows us to find peace.

how do you find balance in your Life? share your thoughts in the comments.


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