When our Comfort Zone is the Right Place

hello curious Souls,

a friend went to a yoga retreat where no one was allowed to say ‘I’m sorry’, instead they had to say ‘I’m sexy’. I love the twist! we end saying hilarious things! wanna try? here goes: I’m sexy for the delay but I’ve been sick!

last night was the 1st in five days when I didn’t cough all the time and actually slept. so today I don’t feel miserable and am able to think beyond my discomfort!

can our comfort zone be the right place to be?

yes! it can.

I grew up with two parents always pushing me beyond my comfort zone, emotionally and mentally, and that was the only way I knew how to relate with Life.

I had my 1st official burnout in 2004 – my doctor saw it – but I didn’t listen to the signs. I simply changed my Life and everything felt so fresh, so new, I actually believed it was different.

that’s just an illusion.

how we’re goes with us everywhere!

so, eventually, in 2008, I fell rock bottom. any emotion was overwhelming for me!

I believe now, our comfort zone is our ground, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. and I’ve been unrooted since my teens.

without a comfort zone we’re like leaves in the wind!

will we have a full Life without stirring our comfort zone?

yes! we will.

simple! everything that’s meant for us will find us!

we don’t need to push Life to get there. Life gently guide into fulfilling experiences, those who don’t leave their comfort zone.

and things happen when we’re emotionally, mentally and spiritually ready.

trust me. I’ve seen it happen.

the difference is, what happens is what we need, not what we want.

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