Lighting The Soul Love Notes

hello magic Souls,

welcome to 2018! today I have FREEBIES for you, and I want to share where in the world is everyone on the other end of these Love Notes.


we’re scattered through 3 continents. so cool!

is Portuguese your native language? know that I have a FREE newsletter in Portuguese coming up for the 1st time this Wednesday.. it’s called ‘Escritas Criativas’, and you can subscribe it here, or here.

January brought many changes.. I began leaving the house at sunrise to join daily activities in a school nearby (doing soaking wet walks too).. we’re writing and we’re going to perform a theater play next month! I’m totally out of my comfort zone.

I also begin my Earth Medicine Certification with my sister Pixie Lighthorse. I’m doing it for the simple pleasure of learning, but I believe nothing happens by chance, and it makes my heart smile wondering how the future will unfold from such a magical present.

by the end of December I joined The Conscious Collective, created by the sage Cerries Mooney. I’m extremely excited to learn, throughout the year, how Carl Jung 12 Archetypes manifest themselves in my Life.

I finally found mentors who speak soulfully my language. I’m so happy!

my Primary Archetype is Innocent and the Secondary is Alchemist. I had a great time going through all the exercises and creating a Blend Board on Pinterest. you can find out your Primary Archetype here, it’s fun and FREE.

I’m not affiliated with any of these links, all I get is the joy of sharing.

last but not least, I did a FREE eBook for you! it includes my positive and unique approach to the Reiki Principles, exercises and easy to follow meditations. even if you’re already a Reiki practitioner, this eBook is going to enrich your practice. the Reiki Principles are a guideline for a happy and healthy Life, so this eBook is a great reading for everyone. you can download it here.

the Reiki Principles are one of Mikao Usui’s greatest legacy for human development. Usui wrote on his manual: are the secret method to attract blessings, the spiritual medicine for many diseases. in the morning and in the evening, with your hands in prayer, sing them with your mouth and let them resonate in your heart.

deep gratitude for having you here walking this new journey with me!

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